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Address: Suite 1, 9 Australia Ave, Homebush Bay, NSW, 2127


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Chill IT focus on excellence in customer service, we can improve your business systems and processes with technology!

Chillit provides a consulting and implementation service to assist businesses in managing networks, web development and hosting services. We are very experienced in these areas and have assisted all types of organizations from start-ups to multi-nationals!

Based in Epping, Sydney, we focus on...

15 January, 2015
I had problems with my website and Chill IT helped me re-design it to become more functional. Great customer service from all staff I dealt with. Would definitely recommend Chill IT to my friends!!
12 June, 2012
My computer broke down and I had no idea why! I took it in for Chill IT to fix it. They explained to me what had happened and fixed it within a few days without any troubles. Great team of staff!
9 December, 2010
I recently took my computer to Chill IT to get fixed. The team there are fantastic! They fixed my computer with no dramas and had my computer back to me within a few days!
8 December, 2010
Chill IT recently fixed my computer which had been playing up for a while. They were all a great bunch of people, very helpful and fixed my computer problems quickly and with ease. Thank you Chill IT!
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Our Team Profiles


Luke Magee



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Luke has been working in the IT industry since graduating in 1987 with his Bachelor’s degree. He has worked extensively throughout Australia, UK and Switzerland . Luke has dealt with complex requirements for multinational corporations, government departments and has significant experience in small business challenges, both solving SBE issues and firsthand experience in running multiple small businesses, hence Luke is able to provide expert advice and guidance to your business ensuring appropriate solutions for your specific circumstances. Luke obtained an MBA in 2003.


Ray Warouw



Year Joined



Ray is our General Manager of Technology Services. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree, is a Certified Microsoft Technical Specialist and an internationally Certified Computer Examiner (CCE). Ray has an extensive background in Business and IT, specializing in Delivery Management, Development Management and Infrastructure Management. His 19 years of experience includes senior roles both locally and internationally as Group General Manager - IT for the RedBalloon Group, OSS Program Director for the Department of Education, Science and Technology, e-Learning Research Manager for Macquarie University, and Asia Pacific Marketing Manager - Vaio Online for Sony Corporation.


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Telcos face mass SIM card recall after spy agencies' encryption hack revealed

Telstra, Optus and Vodafone may be forced to order the recall of potentially millions of mobile phone SIM cards after it was revealed that US and British spy agencies stole encryption keys that secured personal information, including calls and texts, on the chips.

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