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Computer problems? Slowed down to a crawl? Virus/Spyware infections? Endless computer crashes? We can help!

We specializes in repairing computers with malware infections, data loss and hardware problems, and designing custom solutions for your problems.

We offer friendly, fast and honest service - satisfaction guaranteed!

We have 7 years experience in repairing and fixing mishbehaving computers and a...

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Regina B. , .
I found I.T Works customer service very professional; the technician was also patient and well-mannered. He also explained the problem in detail and helped me understand the problem. Thank you for your help :)
Charles L. , .
Initially I had one computer which repeatedly crashed and rebooted. So I took it to a computer expert to have it fixed. It remained in the shop for over a week and I was told he could find nothing wrong, but when I brought it home it kept crashing. Then the other (newer) computer in the room started to crash and reboot. I took both computers back and after testing them for a week I was again told there was nothing to be found, but the older computer was "beyond it". I purchased a new computer from the dealer and took it and the other computer home. At first the new computer was fine but the older one continued to crash. Then the brand new computer started to crash and reboot. Once again I took them back to the dealer, nothing wrong - the problem must be in the wiring of the house. Three electricians later - nothing wrong with the wiring of the house. Investigations continued for several months. On visiting various computer "experts", each "diagnosed" a different problem. I was told the problems were caused by: the household power supply, the computer power supply, radiation (apparently dangerous enough to harm us), cracks in the motherboard, electromagnetic force fields, neighbours playing tricks on us by remotely causing our computers to crash, etc. I think the only explanation we didn't receive was "aliens". I was just about climbing up the walls. Then a neighbour said he knew a computer technician who offered to look at the computers: No fix, no fee. What could I lose? The technician arrived and within 30 minutes had accurately diagnosed the problem as a conflict between a driver and Windows XP. He repaired both computers within the hour. Had he been the first technician from whom I sought aid, I would have saved several hundred dollars and avoided months of considerable stress. I have worked with computers for more than 25 years. This technician is, without doubt, the most knowledgeable, honest, conscientious and capable computer technician I have met in that time. The technician is cheerful; efficient; polite; never criticises users or other people who have worked on the computer; uses diagnostic techniques and programs most technicians are unaware of; willingly explains what he is doing; willingly shares his knowledge; recommends actions to take and software to use to avoid future problems. He has displayed exceptional skill in remotely logging onto my computer to investigate and solve problems. Needless to say I highly recommend him to all who require computer assistance.
Steven W. , .
Highly professional service, Excelent job been done!!!!!! Solved the problem in no time. I Highly recommend!!!!
Saksham S. , .
I was very impressed with the services provided by I.T Works Computer Repair. My laptop's LCD screen had broken and after getting quotes from various different computer repair shops, I found that I.T Works was the most reasonable. The technician was very competent and replaced my laptop's screen in just 1 day. After this pleasant experience, I will be contacting I.T Works for any computer related faults in the future.
Christine R. , .
When my computer started making ticking noises, I knew something was wrong. I was devastated when I found out my hard-drive was failing, failing just like an old lady. During these moments what you need most is reassurance and support. I.T Works not only provided this (free of charge), they also fixed my computer. Everything was safe; my computer was back to normal...no it was better than normal! I can honestly say that without I.T. Works I would have been a wreck; they not only brought my computer back to life, they saved me from a mental breakdown. Thank you so much for your speed and out-of-this world service.
Mario V. , .
Extremely good service; very friendly and honest approach. Very affordable and quick service. Will recommend to all my family and friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell computer parts? Sorry we don't - we are mobile technicians and since we don't have a shop, it's hard to keep parts in stock :( How much do you charge? Computers are hard to understand and too many technicians try to take advantage of this by using cryptic language and unjustifiably high prices. We believe that it shouldn't cost you the price of a new computer to fix an old computer, so we offer felxible prices: If we come to you (onsite work) its $40/hr If we take the computer with us - usually for more serious problems (offsite) its $70 Flat Fee (no matter how long it takes!) What happens if you can't fix the computer? Here at I.T Works Computer Repair we strive for complete satisfaction - for your peace of mind and the best service for your computer. That's why we offer a iron clad guarantee - if we can't fix it there's no charge!