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Monitor & Laptop Hospital Pty Ltd

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Business Overview

Where Monitors & Laptops come to life.


3 Customer Reviews

Professional and friendly service. The best laptop repairers in Australia
Monitor Hospital replaced my cracked laptop screen in 15 minutes. Great price and very friendly service!
Fantastic service. Repaired my cracked laptop screen in 20min at an exceptional price. Highly recommend this very friendly customer service place to anyone who has problems with their computer/laptop or even external hard drives.

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Fantastic service. Repaired my cracked laptop screen more

Mon 27th Feb

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Frequently Asked Questions

Terms & Conditions
  • Turn around time for repairs are 2 - 5 working days working days, depending on parts availability.
  • Priority Repairs Available.
  • Free Quotes Supplied
  • NO fix, NO charge No policy.
  • No Quote Rejection fees
  • Customers will be notified if any repairs exceed the set price before repairs commence.
  • Warranty will NOT cover goods which have different electronic or mechanical fault from originally repaired and warranted fault.
  • Any warranty given on hardware repairs does not cover software, virus, drivers, Malware, Spyware or any other malicious activity.
  • All repairs have a standard of 3 months warranty, we also give 6 & 12 month warranties depending on what is being repaired or replaced.
  • All warranties will either come with manufacturer’s warranties or monitor & Laptop hospitals extended warranties.
  • All repairs will be stress tested for 24 TO 48 HOURS.
  • Goods left at Monitor & Laptop Hospital for more than 90 days from date of arrival will be sold to recoup cost of repair.
  • Any unit not collected after 1 week of notice may incur a storage fee.


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